Sealed Enclosure (SE)

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Sealed Lighting for Cleanroom & Hazardous Environments

A sealed lighting fixture enclosure is designed to separate its internal lighting components from the surrounding environment. One reason for this separation is to protect the fixture’s internal components from environmental dirt, dust, moisture and other performance inhibiting elements. 

A second, and in some cases critical, reason is to protect the environment from heat, sparking, arcing, dirt, dust, contaminants, moisture, air pressure leakage, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and other conditions or events that could adversely affect the safety of the people or the integrity of the processes being performed.  

There are four major criteria that an effective sealed lighting enclosure must meet:

  • A housing that does not leak
  • A doorframe that does not leak
  • A doorframe-to-ceiling/housing interface for recessed fixtures that does not leak
  • A housing-to-ceiling interface that does not leak

Kenall’s SimpleSeal series satisfies all of the performance requirements listed above.

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What's New in Sealed Enclosure

Kenall Lighting Helps Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Red Line Shine Bright

Kenall luminaires installed in many of the renovated CTA stations along the south route

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