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Kenall's Next Generation

For more than 50 years, you’ve depended upon Kenall for lighting challenging applications. The industry’s shift to LED technology makes it more important than ever to have rugged, environmentally sealed housings in order to fully leverage its potential operational and energy savings. That’s why Kenall has responded to your demands with updates to its most popular fixtures. We’ve incorporated LED technology in a way that the luminaires maintain their critical listings while providing you with all of the operational and functional benefits you’ve come to expect.

Thank you for making Kenall an industry leader in lighting challenging applications for over 50 years. Check back often for new additions to our LED offering. We look forward to supporting you in all of your future efforts.

*For a full list of lamp options, see spec sheet UPDATED 07/08/16

Recent Next Gen Luminaires 9" Full Cutoff Surface Wall Mount Recent Next Gen Luminaires Lamp Type* Initial Delivered
Lumens (Type 2)
Per Watt

16L40K7 1855 93
24L40K7 2598 96
Recent Next Gen Luminaires15" Full Cutoff Surface Wall Mount
24L40K7 2823 101
36L40K7 4071 99
47L40K7 5073 92
49L40K7 5543 103
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