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Zonal Controls

Integrated Controls

SmartSenseā„¢ Compatible Products

Enhance Cost- and Energy-Savings with Lighting Controls

Kenall offers an opportunity to enhance cost- and energy-savings via the use of controls, both zonal and integrated. Kenall’s SmartSense™ zonal control system intelligently monitors motion and daylight, providing flexible dimming capabilities when the space is unoccupied and/or when ambient daylight levels are detected. Multiple control modules can be interconnected to expand the number of luminaires in a zone.

Kenall also offers an integrated SmartSense Micro option, providing the opportunity to sense motion and daylight at the individual luminaire level. SmartSense Micro is auto-commissioned via a laser pointer, is fully operational within 24 hours, and provides automatic indication when LED end-of-life (L70) has been reached.

SmartSense’s ability to dim light levels in response to occupancy and daylight represents significant cost- and energy-savings, to the facility owner.

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