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Fixtures for Every Applicable Correctional Facility Security Application

Correctional fixtures must be able to withstand repeated extreme and even violent abuse by detainees. They must be designed so that no part of the fixture can be removed and used as a weapon or tool while also preventing tampering that would make it possible for detainees to conceal contraband materials inside the fixture.

Kenall’s Mighty Mac™ family of correctional fixtures is comprised of security-type fixtures for every applicable correctional facility security application, from cells and low-ceiling corridors to cafeterias and washrooms. They’re available in a choice of housing styles and lens materials, allowing the specifier to tailor fixtures to different security levels and local requirements.

Plus, Mighty Mac™ correctional fixtures are designed, equipped, and constructed to meet the industry’s Best Practices for security lighting, delivering best-in-industry security, illumination, safety, and energy efficiency. No wonder Kenall has become the largest independent manufacturer of Correctional Facility Lighting in the country.

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