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Surgical Suite and Labs

MRI/Imaging Suites

Patient Room Ceiling

Patient Room Wall

M4 Surgical Suite Green LED

Wall Sconces

Graphic Light Box

Night Lights/Step Lights

Procedural Exam

General Ambient

Behavioral Health



Exit and Emergency Egress


Parking Structure/Lots

Specialized Lighting for Critical Healthcare Environments

Today’s healthcare lighting must perform beyond effective illumination from keeping EMI from interfering with sensitive medical equipment to preventing pathogens and other contaminants from entering or passing through the fixture.

To meet these critical needs, Kenall has raised the performance bar by consistently creating innovative healthcare lighting that meets and often exceeds the most demanding performance standards. We pay particular attention to  standards such as U.S. military specifications for EMI control and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) listings for cleanability and lack of materials toxicity to UL/CUL IP64- and IP65-certified ingress protection.

Kenall’s performance measurements utilize an independent testing lab’s cleanliness class compatibility study (CRS-CCCS-GR2229) to evaluate a fixture’s ability to seal out, and not produce, airborne particles as small as 0.1 micrometer a feature also particularly important in cleanroom environments.


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