Rough Service

Rough Service

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Linear Wraparound


Attractive Lighting Tough Enough to Withstand Occasional Abuse

Kenall Rough Service lighting fixtures are an ideal alternative to our high-abuse lighting where applications require some protection against abuse. Made with the same high-quality standards as all Kenall lighting, the Rough Service fixtures, while not as durable as our high-abuse, are still tough enough to withstand occasional abuse and rough handling.

Select from our Millenium Stretch™, Ranger™ or our economical Rough-house™ series. All products feature premium materials such as 18-gauge steel or marine-grade aluminum housings, UV-stabilized high-impact acrylic lensing and tamper-resistant TORX® fasteners that lock the lens in place for physical protection. Classically-styled, durable and efficient, Rough Service fixtures are available with either compact or linear fluorescent lamps and come in both ceiling and wall-mount versions. Refer to each product spec sheet for individual features, options and listings.

We encourage you to use the Kenall online product configuration tool to help you select the best product for your individual application.


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