Stairwell/Motion Sensor

Stairwell/Motion Sensor

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Occupancy Sensors Enhance Cost- and Energy-Savings

As maintenance and operational expenses escalate, facility managers and building owners are continuously challenged to find ways of reducing energy costs, while maintaining adequate light levels for proper safety and ingress/egress. Lighting in intermittently occupied areas, when properly controlled with occupancy sensors, poses the greatest potential for cost savings without sacrificing safety or performance.

Kenall offers a line of occupancy sensing Wet Location and IP certified products for use in applications where energy saving potential is substantial. When the motion sensor is placed behind the lens, the luminaire is also able to maintain its aesthetic appeal, IP rating and Kenall's Peace of Mind Lifetime Guarantee®.

For optimum luminaire control and flexibility, Kenall uses the Watt Stopper® FM-105 super high-frequency occupancy sensor (and/or equivalent) as an integral feature. The component also features daylighting control that provides additional savings when the sensor detects ambient light levels greater than its field adjustable daylighting set-point.

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